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Bathroom Remodeling | 2015 Trends

Bathroom Remodeling trends for the year 2015

Bathrooms can make or break your space. While the initial purpose of the bathrooms was to provide utility to people, over-time bathroom remodeling emerged as a trend to drastically improve the comfort and beauty of a home. The aim has been to make the bathroom more than just a place to clean-up. As a result, most people want their bathrooms to have a spa-like feel so that they can feel relaxed.

Here are some 2015 bathroom remodeling trends

Soak Tubs

Gone are the days where loud Jacuzzi tubs were a must in your bathroom. They have been replaced by much classier soak tubs. These elegant tubs are all that you need if you are looking to sit and relax. They are a symbol of sophistication.

TV Installation

Yes, you got it right. Now, remodelers have started installing TVs in bathrooms. Relax in your tub while watching your favorite show. Imagine a shower with morning headlines. Sounds great, right?

Toilet Rooms

Now this one is no less than a revolution. Remodelers have come up with an idea of toilet rooms where commodes will have wooden walls around it, giving more privacy to the user. Thus, the bathroom can be used by more than one person at a time. This is a trend that is quickly catching up with people around the world.

Better Ventilation

Are you sick of the content of moisture in your bathroom? The high moisture content makes the bathroom atmosphere become humid and you might start feeling hot. Bathroom remodeling takes care of this issue. Professionals can put in more vents and strengthen the existing exhaust system. Now, no more crying over that humidity in bathroom!

Double Sinks

Instead of having to share a sink, now you and your loved one each has their personal sink. Get ready in the morning on your own schedule!

Multi-Head Showers

Showers are already enjoyable, but with a multi-headed shower, you can feel the spray of water on both your front and your back at the same time. Talk about a relaxing way to start your day!

Bathroom Colors

Bathroom remodelers can never go wrong with Victorian-style bathrooms. People enjoy the colors and remodelers have been implementing this style successfully for decades. Popular color choices are white, orange, lemon and purple.

Bathroom Flooring

Beautifully patterned tiles are extremely hip right now. Typically, light colored tiles with bright colored walls are preferred. However, this season bright flooring and nude shade walls have become trendy.


Last but not the least, don’t forget to add the relevant accessories. A bathroom without the proper accessories is like eating a steak with a plastic fork. The accessories provides an “it” factor to your bathroom, giving you that nice elite feeling. Flower vases, scented candles, pretty brush holders, and magnificent lamps can all add to the beauty of your bathroom as well.

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Bathroom Design Idea | Roman Style

The Romans loved luxury; so much that their love of luxury extended to the bathroom as much as to all else. Having a Roman design bathroom is a luxury that anyone will cherish and installing some Roman style designs here and there can give your bathroom a touch which will be envied by many.

Here are some Bathroom Design Ideas — Roman Style:

1. The colors used by the Romans were mainly light, neutral and earthy colors, which exuded warmth. Combining such colors as gold, ivory, olive and rust for contrast goes a long way to give your bathroom the Roman feeling. Couple the color aspect with variant textures like shiny marble, rough natural stone, glass and bronze and you cannot go wrong in your endeavor. Contrasting the smooth textures with the rougher ones would also be a great move.

2. Spaciousness is an aspect you have to consider for your bathroom if you can afford it. If you have no space, create faux space by utilizing the Roman style of mirrored walls, or huge windows on which you would then use Roman blinds. You can also create the light and airy feeling common to Roman bathrooms by adding arched mirrors over your bathroom doors or shower area. More illumination can be obtained from installing wall sconces on as much of the space as you dare.

3. The use of tiles all over the walls, floor, and sometimes even the sides of the tub are a Roman bathroom design idea. The tiles can be mosaic, pebble or natural stone. A particularly Roman flavor can be infused into your bathroom through marble flooring as marble appears to have been a Roman favorite.

4. If money is not an issue, you might also consider archways flanked by columns or pillars over your bathtub, particularly if the tub is not freestanding. This works well especially with a sunken tub on a raised floor, for which a few steps would be necessary to make access to the tub easier. You might also opt for a beautiful stand-alone tub which you can place on a pedestal or on the floor; you would definitely score with a soap-stone tub, it has that unique classical look and feel and will scream ‘Roman’ so loud you can’t miss it.

5. The Roman ceilings, whether in the bathroom or otherwise, were high. A high ceiling would certainly give your bathroom the Roman feeling you aspire for. Infuse this height with art in the form of murals painted into the walls or that high ceiling and you have a winner. If you do not want to implement something permanent, you can get ready made ones from wallpaper stores; they work as well.

6. The Roman type bathroom floor materials feel cold to the touch and might take away the comfort particularly in cold weather. You can counter this problem by installing under-floor heating as did the Romans who so loved their warmth. You can also opt for the less expensive cousin and go for heated mats.

We hope you enjoyed this installment of bathroom design ideas.

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Kitchen Remodeling | How to Start the Process

No house is complete without the perfect kitchen. Unfortunately, remodeling a kitchen is not the easiest task. Many times, people don’t know where to start. Some people start with their appliances, thinking they are too outdated and take up too much. Some people just get fascinated by other people’s kitchens, so they decide it is time to remodel their own kitchen. Others might just want to add some functionality to their kitchen.

Finished remodeled kitchen after the process

It is important to follow a plan to ensure that you get the best out of your kitchen remodeling project. Use these tips as a guide to plan your perfect kitchen remodeling project:

Knowing your budget is the first step you should take. There are many cost-effective options present in the market that can stretch an average budget a long way, still giving you that elegant kitchen remodel that you desire.

Next, decide the layout. How exactly do you want to use the space? How many people will be eating? You don’t never want your kitchen to feel crowded. Make a list of your needs and prioritize them. Go through magazines and online pictures in order to figure out what you like and dislike. Slowly start imaging the kitchen that you want.

You can never go wrong asking someone with experience for feedback. If you already know someone, then great! If you don’t then, ask your friends if they know of anyone proven.

After deciding the budget, planning, layout and getting an expert’s opinion, it’s time to start the real work! Make a sketch where you would like everything to go. In fact, make several sketches. Have fun with this!

After finalizing your sketch, you should know which size and style of cabinet you want, which electrical appliance you need for your kitchen, which color of lighting you desire, and which style of flooring you want. Finally, select all of the finishes and fixture in the kitchen.

Now find yourself a proven kitchen remodeling contractor and start building that beautiful kitchen!
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